Monday, March 10, 2008

Should I put this on the invite?

Okay so here is some info from the Vesper Country Club... Not sure if I should include this info in the invite??? I mean I do have to dress up just for my appointments with the function coordinator... They are pretty serious when it comes to the "dress code"

Vesper Country Club

185 Pawtucket Blvd.

Tyngsboro, MA. 01879

(978) 458-8731

I think that this goes with out being said, but since the reception hall is a private country club, proper dress is required. That means "No Jeans". Anyone wearing jeans will not be allowed in.

If you would like to visit the web page of Vesper Country Club to see more information about the reception. Just click on the following address When the page comes up, click on Banquets & Catering on the left.

1 comment:

Amy said...

damnit! i have my outfit all picked out too..maternity jeans and a tank top..jeesh!

i don't think you need to put that..unless dan has some friends that don't know how to dress for weddings!