Friday, March 28, 2008

Less than 6 months to go

I have not posted anything in a few weeks becuase I haven't had much to say... With less than six months to go we are starting from scratch!!! Crazy, I know.. Dan and I met with the Vesper Country Club in mid March and we both decided it was not something we wanted (for several reasons). I have been spending all of my time looking at new locations for the ceremony & reception. This is not fun so if anyone has ideas, please let me know. Oh and I am also in need of a photographer...

This is what I feel like these days

crazy lady

Monday, March 10, 2008

Should I put this on the invite?

Okay so here is some info from the Vesper Country Club... Not sure if I should include this info in the invite??? I mean I do have to dress up just for my appointments with the function coordinator... They are pretty serious when it comes to the "dress code"

Vesper Country Club

185 Pawtucket Blvd.

Tyngsboro, MA. 01879

(978) 458-8731

I think that this goes with out being said, but since the reception hall is a private country club, proper dress is required. That means "No Jeans". Anyone wearing jeans will not be allowed in.

If you would like to visit the web page of Vesper Country Club to see more information about the reception. Just click on the following address When the page comes up, click on Banquets & Catering on the left.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Honeymoon Part 2

I was talking to my friend Amy today about honeymoons esp the Grand Cayman.... Then somehow we got on the subject of Australia. Amy is getting married Sept. 09 so she is looking for honeymoon ideas too.
Well I did some research into a 10 day trip to Sydney Australia and here it is:

A little over 22 hours each way... Two days of travel Each way

For the 10 day trip and a lovely stay at the Hilton Sydney the cost per person is $9,753 with air and hotel.... Now I know you are probably thinking this is the Hilton and that's why it's so expensive... NO WAY the courtyard was only $300.00 less per person... And keep in mind this trip also includes 3 plane changes..

Here are a few pictures to check out, it truly is beautiful.






Looks like I will have to save this trip for another time.. when I have the patience for a long trip... After this Hawaii feels like it's around he corner.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Wedding Card box

Yet another detail that many of us may forget about until the last minute but not me!! Maybe that is why I am slowly turning into Bridezilla

Well here are a few ideas that I found...

#1. 14" Wedding Cake Card box

#2 Elegant satin card box
#3 Comptemporary card Box-white
#4 Birdcage card holder...Not for me but hey someone may like it

Let me know which one you like best or send me any that you think I may like.. Trust me I am open to any and all idea...

Monday, March 3, 2008

I've been engaged for almost a year

So I've been engaged for almost one complete year (anniversary for that is coming up) and dating my love for almost 3 years... Anniversary will be in May.. And I am finally getting to the fun part of the wedding planning...

Well as everyone knows we love to go on Vacation Esp. Aruba but since that is where we got engaged we both decided that we CANNOT go there for the honeymoon!!!

Dan really wanted Hawaii and so do I but I just don't want to travel for that long... I have a list of places I would rather go... We can go to Hawaii another time, Right??

Here are a few photos of where we will be going for the honeymoon, I think!!!! :)

Love this
I can't wait to sit on the beach

Now we just have to pick a resort and I'll be ready to go.... Just as soon as we get through the wedding... Just a little over 6 months go :)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Unrelated to the wedding... But so cute!

Not sure if I am obsessive but I usually check the coach website at least twice per week. I feel like if I don't they sneak new stuff on and I miss it....I'm not sure when I am became so obsessed with Coach but I have come to realize I am... Not just the purses either. I have a few bracelets, earrings, and I will soon be the proud owner of some sneakers..Then all the bags, wallets and wristlets... . But I wanted to share some of the new items they have out... Not sure what else I will be purchasing but I don't think it will stop at the sneakers... As everyone knows PINK is my favorite color and there is a ton of pink
My #1 Favorite is:
I love this just because:
And last but not least:

How cute ???

Ideas sent to me by friends

In a previous post I mentioned that I fell in love with the Cranberry Vase filler from Pottery barn but with my luck it is out of stock.... or possibly discontinued!! So my friend Allison sent me this as a possibly substitution.... Let me know what you think:
My friend Melissa also sent me this... I have read that Apples are great for Sept. weddings.. Let me know what you think:

Okay so Melissa also sent me this idea.. Do you like it with flowers?? or the candle from the previous post??