Sunday, September 28, 2008

We're Home

Well we survived a week in the the Grand Cayman... I don't even know where to start... The island is absolutely beautiful... ..... The sand is soft, the sun is hot and the water is refreshing
The locals are extremely friendly and the beer was very cold :)

A few of favorites things were:

Stingray sandbar
Turtle FarmPhotobucket

Watching sharks get fed
Eating Turtle.. (yes we ate it)
Eating all the yummy food
and the Cayman Colada .. Wow it was yummy

A few things I feared

Fish in the water
The little Crabs that ran all over the beach at night and I couldn't see... until a flash of light would reveal them to me..
And going to Hell

Okay so let"s talk about Sting Ray City! it's a huge sandbar off the coast where for a small fee you can charter a boat and swim with these creatures..... They are slippery! They also say that it's seven years of good luck for kissing one.... I had to try it... The only thing we were warned not to do was step on them.... that could scare them and cause them to sting you ... I was frozen for the first few minutes scared to move my feet... scared I would get stung.. and trust me the stinger is big...

Oh and something else to mention: eating a piece of turtle meat.... Tastes like beef :)

so as I stated above we stopped quickly in Hell.... Check out these pics..

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